My History

With 10 years experience, Guga Morales specializes in juggling, juggling, music and street theater.

Always using improvisations of classical works his jester and funny. At this time presenting his solo spectacle - "The Seal Man".

He studied five years at the National Circus School, but was working on the streets had their primary learning. Already performed in several countries (Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, French Guiana) With Duo Morales group already participated in festivals like the angels Ring, Shows Lino Rojas, Philo, Malabares Rio.


+55 21 9 8887 6476

The Major Festivals


• Uruguayan Juggling Convention
• Rio de Janeiro - Rio Juggling


• Convention Multifestival Off the Rio Theatre
• 4 Paulista Festival of Circus
• The Big Hein? With Trace Clown - Salvador/ BA
• Brazilian Juggling and Circus
• Festival of Cultures Urbaines - FRENCH GUYANA • National Theatre Festival - Porangatu/ GO


• 4th International Meeting of clowns, 2014 - Mariana/ SP
• Cultural Paulista Turn
• International Theatre Festival of Londrina/ PR - FILO 2014
• International Festival of Rio Negro - Antioquia, COLOMBIA and Entepola Bogota, COLOMBIA
• International Festival of San Antonio de Prado Theatre, COLOMBIA


• Anjos do Picadeiro - International Festival of Clows
• Xv Brazilian Convention of circus, juggling and clown - São Paulo
• Convention Chilena of Circus e Street Art